7 ian. 2011

Wireless Router Repeater

Use a Wireless Router Repeater to Extend Your Wireless Network

A wireless router repeater is a device that can extend the range of a wireless network by amplifying and propagating the signal strength of the originating wireless network.

Wireless router repeaters basically receive data packets wirelessly and retransmit them at full power. This allows you to extend the range of a wireless network. But there is a tradeoff. The bandwidth speed of the wireless network connection will drop in half. That's because the signal is received and retransmitted. This may not be a problem if the top speed of the wireless network is very fast. Some wireless router repeaters can be challenging to setup for the novice user. Most wireless router manufacturers have a model designed as a combination wireless router repeater that is sold as a pre-configured device out of the box so non-technical people can set them up easily. But most of these devices will also have proprietary firmware that will only work with the same brand devices for a wireless repeater.

If the distance of your wireless network does not reach your intended computers, a repeater can increase the workable range of your wireless network and may be the only suitable and affordable option for the area of coverage you need. It is important that you place the wireless router and wireless repeater within locations that allows their wireless signals to overlap otherwise they will not work together.

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